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Moofwd, lnc.



Young adults spend over 125 hours per month on apps. Moofwd can put your school in position to be where your prospective students are and bring your campus to life with the latest recruitment information through our mobile app. Target your audience where they spend the majority of their time…on a mobile device!

Now there is an easier way to grow your prospect pool with Moofwd eXPLORE. Colleges and universities of any size are now able to distribute and promote a mobile application that personalizes the college search process for each prospective student. Instead of generic marketing, institutions can distribute a full featured mobile application which showcases the features of your institution which are relevant to each individual.

Stand out of the crowd with a custom search experience. Provide a tailored search so each prospect has a unique experience focused on their personal interests and individual needs. Engage with potential students by soliciting specific information through targeted questions which gives the student relevant and pertinent information while providing the institution with data that narrows down the likely pool of new students.

  •    Create a memorable first experience with your prospective students
  •    Streamline the admissions process
  •    Mine collected data to move prospects through the funnel
  •    Create an early sense of community through the ability for prospects to request communication directly with staff, current students or alumni
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