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Moofwd, lnc.



Provide a seamless mobile solution for your current students. Often students must go to multiple websites and portals to get the information they need from various IT campus systems. Now they can have it all at their fingertips from any mobile device, anytime, anywhere.

What makes Moofwd unique is not only its ability to connect with campus IT systems but to create a single sign-on communication tool for students, instructors, and administrators. Backed by our unique cloud-based MBaaS, Zubron, allows for the integration of various backend systems such as campus LMS, SIS, library, payment systems, and more. Moofwd apps are natively created for mobile device as well as desktops/laptops enhancing the user experience with our Zubron creating a single sign on for all campus IT systems. Our unique technology stack enables cutting edge features making communication more effective between students, teachers, and administrators.

Moofwd eXPERIENCE is designed and developed to be a robust mobile app offering campus life information along with integration to the most popular learning management and process systems with a single sign-on. Students, staff, and faculty can stay connected and access important school information while on the go such as grades, important dates, and emergency closings.

  •    Simplify student self service capabilities with an offering designed for mobile
  •    Real-time access to grades, courses, events, and financial information
  •    Extend and further benefit from existing IT investments of enterprise systems
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Cashless University

  • Payments made directly through app
  • Payable through QR codes, third-party credit card and direct banking systems
  • Real-time data of upcoming and past payments

Smart ID

  • Digital student credentials at your fingertips
  • No need for physical ID cards
  • Greater convenience and more secure campus

Attendance Monitoring

  • Student/instructor access to attendance for each course
  • More time teaching and less time taking attendance
  • Offline attendance monitoring is also possible