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  • Engage your college students with Moofwd’s mobile application.

    1. MooFwd Mobile Solutions

    Decades of research have proven that better-engaged students become higher achieving adults. Student engagement, the ability of a learner to remain attentive to the subject matter and actively participate in school activities, is often the key to higher grades and increased graduation rates. Many scholars identify communications as a critical factor in maintaining student engagement, but many of America’s colleges have not yet harnessed tools that will improve their communications with their student bodies.

    Moofwd introduces innovative, effective communication tools for U.S. colleges

    Since 2011, has provided cloud-based, cutting-edge, education-focused technological solutions to help “move forward” schools around the world and nearly a million students. Using their MBaaS, Zubron:

    • Moofwd helps schools create the mobile applications that their students can use throughout their education lifecycle, from initial recruitment through campus life to alumni engagement.
    • The app accesses and integrates each school’s legacy programming, eliminating the need for time-consuming, expensive data transfers.
    • Best of all, the Moofwd app is accessible on virtually all mobile devices, including phones and tablets, requires no extra IT investment by the school, and is fully customizable to the specifications of each institution.

    Why Moofwd?

    Moofwd has captured all three phases of college life to grab and keep the attention of your school’s potential, existing, and graduated students:

    • eXPLORE – is the dream recruiting tool for all colleges. Based on mobility, the eXPLORE product captures the attention of the potential student right where they are – on their mobile device. Promotional and discovery materials are easy to find and create memorable first experiences with your prospective students. eXPLORE streamlines the admission process, making it easier and faster for both your students and your registrar’s office. For the student, eXPLORE’s direct connection to the staff and faculty instantly builds the college community experience they are seeking.
    • eXPERIENCE – Notifications, announcements, schedules and more bombard today’s college students. Moofwd’s single sign-on tool captures data from students, teachers and the admin, giving the learners access to all relevant data within a single portal. Libraries, payment systems, and other campus-related services all run smoothly through the Moofwd app so both the school and the student remain connected and in control.
    • eXTEND – Maintaining contact and engagement with alumni is often difficult. Moofwd’s eXTEND creates alumni ambassadors by keeping them connected and informed about school activities, events such as homecoming, sports scores, as well as job boards in the career office. Research demonstrates that connected alumni are more likely to maintain support for the school long after the memories of graduation day fade.

    Most higher education institutions face engagement, recruiting and other challenges. The Moofwd app provides the technology tools you need to overcome those challenges, so your school can thrive in both today’s and tomorrow’s connected world.

MooFwd Mobile Solutions

Posted June 5, 2017