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Why Moofwd

Experts in mobile, singularly focused on education


eXPLORE allows you to recruit prospective students by being where they are and enabling them to have an early sense of community. eXPERIENCE is a powerful communication tool that enhances student engagement creating deeper connections within the university thereby increasing retention. eXTEND allows you to keep your alumni connected after graduation and beyond.

Choose one feature or use the full suite of three, depending on your unique goals.


Today’s students are tech-savvy with a constant desire for information and updates at anytime and anyplace. Mobile is an extension of who they are. It is how they connect to each other and the world around them. Moofwd’s mobile suite provides a one-stop solution for every phase of the student lifecycle from recruiting prospective students to increasing retention of current students through deeper campus connections to keep alumni connected from graduation and beyond. Our custom, native built app creates a strong sense of community keeping everyone connected and engaged from any device, anytime, anywhere.

At Moofwd we do mobile and only mobile. We recognize and embrace the differences of every school and can customize your mobile application to meet your unique campus needs. Moofwd’s educational lifecycle app is backed by a secure middleware engine that can connect both your campus IT systems as well as your enterprise technology infrastructure through a single sign-on app.

Moofwd’s application suite empowers colleges and universities to “move forward” with new mobile initiatives that provide maximum results at minimal strain on your IT staff. Through our proprietary MBaaS platform, Zubron, we enable all campus systems to be accessible through a single sign-on mobile app. Our apps are built natively for the most popular phone and tablet devices to satisfy almost any institution’s BYOD strategy and offers easy distribution through the most common app stores.

Moofwd can streamline your mobile app development

  • Innovative and nimble

    Keep up with latest technology trends
  • Flexible and customizable

    Quick deployment
  • Improve communication

    Between institution and users
  • No extra investment on IT

    Experts on mobile/ongoing support

Imagine the possibilities!

About Us

Moofwd was created with the goal of creating a mobile communication tool for higher education. By leveraging the mobile devices students, faculty, and staff already use every day, our mobile solution provides a single sign-on solution keeping everyone connected and engaged. Our ability to develop native applications for multiple device operating systems goes a long way toward resolving device and information system fragmentation.

We have devoted extensive R&D to create our propriety MBaaS that we have named Zubron. Our cloud based Zubron server allows us to integrate seamlessly with existing backend systems to ensure that colleges and universities can optimize the usage of their legacy systems while at the same time make use of the current backend systems and mashup data.

We landed our first customer in Chile in 2011 and now have clients all throughout Latin America. We have built a strong presence in Portugal and beginning to have a footprint in Spain as well. Currently we have over 50 universities and growing.

Moofwd is headquartered in Princeton, NJ with additional offices in Mumbai, India and Santiago, Chile.